book covers



Five different canvases have had the honor of gracing the covers of five different World Bank publications.

In 2014, As A Blind Man enriched the cover of  Reserve Requirements in the Brave New Macroprudential World (Tito Cordella, Pablo Federico, Carlos Vegh and Guillermo Vuletin, editors; ISBN 978-1-4648-0212-6).

Two canvases in 2013 appeared on institutional publications. Off I Went was showcased on Tales from the Development Frontier: How China and Other Countries Harness Light Manufacturing to Create Jobs and Prosperity (Hinh T. Dinh et. al., editors, ISBN 978-0-8213-9988-0). This book was launched on September 26, 2013. In February 2013, Sea Surface Full of Clouds (I) was used by the World Bank’s Office of the Publisher on the cover of Until Debt Do Us Part: Subnational Debt, Insolvency, and Markets (Otaviano Canuto and Lili Liu, editors; ISBN 978-0-8213-9766-4).


Other works featured on World Bank publications include An Idea of Order on the cover of Ascent after Decline: Regrowing Global Economies after the Great Recession (Otaviano Canuto and Danny Leipziger, editors; ISBN: 978-0-8213-8942-3) in 2012. Similarly, Je Suis Ailleurs/I Am Elsewhere appeared onThe Day After Tomorrow: A Handbook on the Future of Economic Policy in the Developing World (Otaviano Canuto and Marcelo Giugale, editors; ISBN: 978-0-8213-8498-5) in 2010.


All five volumes are available through the World Bank bookstore, Amazon, and other commercial outlets.